Reducing Cost. Enhancing Healthcare. Advancing Rheumatology.

Welcome to Articularis Rheumatology Network

Articularis Rheumatology Network (ARN) is a physician led and owned organization committed to improving healthcare by supporting independent rheumatology practices across the nation and providing innovative technology to lower healthcare costs for providers and patients.

Reducing Costs

Enhancing Healthcare

Advancing Rheumatology

Who We Are

Articularis Rheumatology Network (ARN) is an organization committed to advancing community rheumatology while improving the value of care. This is achieved through best-in-class group purchasing, innovative practice performance technology, value based treatment pathways, clinical and business collaboration platforms, tailored educational activities and community practice advocacy. ARN is powered by McKesson and other select partners, providing member practices with the tools needed to thrive in today’s healthcare environment. Learn more

Helping Members Do More

ARN’s insights are rooted in years of experience growing and developing independent rheumatology practices by increasing revenue and efficiencies while reducing expenses. Its solutions are evidence-based and tailored to each practice’s needs. Learn more

What Our Members Are Saying

“The benefits of size allows Articularis to afford a best-in-class management team. The result is increased quality of care, revenue, and physician/staff satisfaction. The benefits of negotiating with size speak for themselves– we achieve savings from insurance to medication pricing. This model is the future of Rheumatology.”

“It is a well-run company that allows rheumatologists to focus on patient care instead of administrative tasks. It helps rheumatologists get reimbursed appropriately for the services they provide. Because it is a large group, it is able to negotiate for better infusion medication prices as well.”

“Joining Articularis, as opposed to other larger health systems, is beneficial since Articularis understands the nuances of the specialty of rheumatology. Administrative burdens are reduced and quantity discounts are especially beneficial.”

95% of provider members report spending less time negotiating payer and supplier contracts since joining ARN.

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